This is being sent to all members so that during the season you can let your Divisional Captain have your input, as we want to air as much as possible, and in particular issues that will have to be raised at the AGM in November.

THE MAJOR FIRE IN COWES on JANUARY 25TH 2016 In his report to the Class Committee (CC), Mike Till expressed a strong view that XODs should not be kept together in large numbers and that Divisions should review the fire precautions of the buildings used. Trailers need to be insured as well as the boats. The insurance value needs to be at “Agreed Value” not at purchase price. The Class will investigate an XOD Class insurance scheme and will report back to all members if we can find a scheme that will provide agreed value sums insured irrespective of the boats age.

DIGITAL DRAWINGS These were agreed desirable but not necessarily urgent as the two boats actually in build had passed the drawing stage. Should another builder wish to start with digital drawings, it would be preferable to be able to offer them in advance. Metrication of the drawings is a preferable first step. The Class, not individual builders, should own all drawings.

FUTURE OF THE CLASS This was really picking up from the Way Ahead report issued in 2014. It was agreed that the Class should not become a vintage only class and that new construction must be encouraged so that the Class continues to expand rather than just rely on the existing park, as over a period of time this will reduce even further. Concern was expressed that traditional build was unlikely to be sustainable at affordable prices. Nevertheless the current traditional builders will be enthusiastically supported.

ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUCTION At some stage in the future, this will need addressing in detail. It was agreed that any future studies would need to be fully costed for comparison with economically viable traditional builds. The time to look at this subject will be after any new construction was complete and would depend on the success of new builds.

NEWSPINNAKER Mike Till expressed the wish that new larger spinnakers be put on the Agenda for the AGM, and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) would in the interim review this matter.

KEELS The CC agreed that any keel removed from any boat shall be weighed and measured before it is replaced. This was already covered at the AGM but is being reiterated, as it is very important. The problem is that there are many varieties of keels both by weight and by measurement. Going forwards we must establish a bench mark to achieve more One Design. Keels on pre 1964 boats are covered under the Grandfathering rule, but not if they are re-used or altered.

MAINSAILS AND JIBS The CC approved the TAC’s intentions for generic sail cloth and considered that there was no need for luff and foot measurements of the mainsail, but to use ERS logic and rely on the black bands.

BOOMS While the TAC sorted out boom packing, the CC expressed the view that the TAC should also reconsider soft footed mainsails, as the track and sliders were unnecessary complications.

OTHER ISSUES John Tremlett raised three issues which were discussed in some detail. These were:-

1. Bilge pump seating For electric bilge pumps to do a proper job and keep your boat dry on the mooring, pumps need to be seated at a sufficient depth probably a further 2 inches. This would require removal of some of the keelson which might impair the rigidity/structure.However it was felt that this was a good idea and will be reviewed by TAC soonest.

2. Professional crew The Class Rules (C.3.2) permit the use of professional crews but the Class Cups and Trophies eligibility criteria exclude any boat that has crews or helms that are paid. This does not form part of the Rules as such. Would the Class agree to waive this provision for this year and going forward? After discussion and a vote, it was agreed by a majority to waive for two years the Class Trophy criteria that exclude paid crews, and review thereafter.

3. Spinnaker sail numbers Could these be done away with? No decision was reached and the matter was referred to the TAC.

COWESWEEK (CWL) The CC was advised by Mike Till that CWL would not be able to provide the Class with a Committee Boat for 2016. They were however prepared to offer us the alternative to the RYS line of the Brambles start line, which could be successfully orientated to provide for both westerlies or easterlies. The Bramble line cannot, however, cater for a windward first leg with either southerly or northerly winds.

In summary, I feel that all members of the XOD Class should consider the above and feel free to discuss. It is important that the CC through the Divisional Captains get your feedback.

Mike Till
XOD Class Captain
27 April 2016