XOD Racing

The XOD fleet has attracted many experienced helms and crew and the standard of sailing at the front of the fleets is undoubtedly high.

“The quality of Club racing is the key to the success of the X Class”

Whenever you sail you can be sure of good competition. Boats are equal, turnouts are good and races are keenly contested at all levels throughout the fleet. To find out more about XOD racing click here

For a helpful guide to ensure your boat conforms to One Design racing view the XOD Boat checklist


XOD Class Membership

Details of becoming a member of the XOD class are available here

For a PDF of the Class Constitution click here

For a PDF of the Class Rules click here


Cowes Week

Over half of the entire fleet, in excess of 70 boats, take part each year.

“Cowes Week, highlight of the XOD Calendar”

The X Class has had the largest attendance at Cowes for many years and holds a special place in the event. To find out more about XOD racing at Cowes week click here

new to XOD

The attractions of racing an X boat are unbeatable;

Well supported racing throughout the season

Five separate locations along the South Coast

The annual highlight of Cowes Week

Suitable for crew of all strengths and sizes

Very affordable to buy

The joy of owning a classic yacht

The good friendships to be made

owning an XOD
Owning and XOD

Crewing an XOD

An X can be crewed competitively by two people (helm plus one), although a third will be an advantage in stronger winds. It doesn’t capsize like a dinghy. The spinnaker can be hoisted without the crew leaving the cockpit.

“Crew Friendly”

Staying at the front of the fleet is not a function of the strength of the crew or their weight. It is suitable therefore for husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends and just good mates, who can all compete on equal terms.

Youngsters can race in the family boat and then enjoy picnic trips in between times in safety and comfort.

It does not require travel to open meetings or spending nights at sea to enjoy first class racing. Most races will last no more than a couple of hours enabling sailors to get back in time for tea or to meet other family and social commitments.

If you need to find a crew or want to post an ad for a crew click here



No keel boat is cheap to run, but the X is a lot less expensive than many. And of course multiple ownership allows owners to divide the costs between them. For advice on buying a boat click here or for details of Boats for Sale click here


Tuning an XOD

The X requires careful tuning to achieve optimum performance and this with its relatively low hull speed in tidal waters makes it a challenging boat to sail well.
No electronic navigational aids are permitted, which increases the dependency on the skills of the crew.

But that’s the way X sailors like it. A real challenge to seamanship skills.

Information on how best to tune you boat can be found on the tuning tips page