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The X is a one design keel boat class so that all racing is boat for boat against other X boats of similar speed, which is so much more enjoyable than handicap racing.

“There is little difference in the performance of X boats, whatever their age.”

Designed in 1909 by Alfred Westmacott, the first race of the Class was held in 1911 and the centenary of the first race will be celebrated in 2011.

The X is a classic yacht. Yet what is remarkable is the number of these boats that are actively engaged in racing today.

“…a sensitive, well balanced and very pleasing boat to sail”

What is also remarkable is that for a wooden boat that has been built over a period of nearly 100 years, the dimensions of hulls have been kept as consistent as they have.

Yet There Have Been Changes Over the Years
Sail plans and controls have been developed over the years, under the eye of the Class Association, making the X a sensitive, well balanced and very pleasing boat to sail.

“A real challenge to seamanship skills.”

New to XODS
New to XODS

At 21ft, the X is one of the smaller keel boats to sail in the Solent, but it was specifically designed to cope with the short steep Solent chop. It is a good sea boat and can be raced safely when other classes choose to cancel.

Some twenty-five years ago, the Class decided to permit owners to sheath the outside of hulls with epoxy, a decision which has made hulls stiffer, thus reducing maintenance and helping to preserve them.

The X requires careful tuning to achieve optimum performance and this with its relatively low hull speed in tidal waters makes it a challenging boat to sail well.
No electronic navigational aids are permitted, which increases the dependency on the skills of the crew.

But that’s the way X sailors like it. A real challenge to seamanship skills.

Information on how best to tune you boat can be found on the tuning tips page